North Korea Sieze 29 Chinese fisherman to hold for ransom

This is huge news in a geopolitical sense.
What’s going on?

(1) North Korea is losing control of its shores? or…

(2) North Korea is using this incident to fight against Chinese fisherman
encroaching in their waters.

Although I believe the North Korean regime will fall in no more than a decade,
I doubt that they have lost control of their shores and let kidnappers take over.
More likely, North Korea has authorized a group in unmarked boats to kidnap these
fisherman as a way of telling China to stay out of our fishing grounds. In this
way the government of North Korea can deny responsibility. The ransom is also a
paltry sum of about $190,000 dollars. A small price for 29 captives. What is more
telling is this amount is an approximate revenue that the Chinese fishing boats
would have earned from that trip fishing in North Korean waters.

Unknown North Korean men have sized Chinese sailors
Media has reported that three Chinese fishing boats were seized while catching
fish in Chinese territorial waters, with a total of 29 Chinese sailors being
kidnapped. The other party demanded the Chinese boat owner to transfer a total
of 1.2 million yuan RMB before they would release the boats. May 16th, a Foreign
Affairs Ministry spokesperson said the Chinese government has already noted the
relevant reports and the Chinese government is currently verifying the situation
as well as maintaining close communications with the North Korean government.

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  1. David S says:

    $190,000 in foreign exchange probably keeps Pyongyang lit for a couple of days, given their consumption habits. It’s just another sort of black market activity that NKorea uses to earn their essential forex.

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