41 Chinese arrested in Ghana for illegal gold mining

This is a new phase of illegal gold mining. Chinese firms are actually
bringing heavy equipment to mine gold. There are heavy machinery
producers in China that produce Caterpillar type mining equipment for
only 30% the price of a CAT machine. Western gold miners can squat over
the gold holdings yet loose the material the the much faster, quicker,
lower cost Chinese miners.

From Global Times…
Diplomats at the Chinese embassy in Ghana have visited a group of 41 Chinese
nationals who had been detained for allegedly mining gold illegally in a
series of crackdowns. The campaign came amid escalating tensions between
foreign miners and local residents in the second largest gold producer in
Africa over environmental concerns and fears that an influx of foreign miners
may steal local jobs. The detained people were in good health, a consul
surnamed Guo at the embassy told the Global Times. Their identities were not

Local police claimed that all of the Chinese nationals were arrested for illegal
gold mining and didn’t have legitimate work visas, residence permits, or mining
permits, according to an online statement by the embassy. Among the detained,
34 were arrested Monday last week within the mining concession of AngloGold
Ashanti (AGA) in the Obuasi and Amansie Central areas after local police raided
illegal mining sites in the Ashanti Region, the Ghana-based Daily Guide said in
an earlier report.

The group was taken to the capital city Accra for processing and investigation,
the report said. Bempong Marfo, the Ashanti regional security liaison officer,
told the Ghana-based Daily Guide the crackdowns follow rampant illegal mining
activities and were not targeted at any particular foreign country. Alan Fine,
a public affairs manager at AGA, told the Global Times on Sunday that the
company was aware of the illegal mining in that concession, and had earlier
reported it to the authorities. “In this particular case, the people had quite
large machinery that they were using to carry out the mining, which obviously
has a large impact.” He said there are also “a number of local people involved.”

Thirty-eight Chinese workers were arrested for illegal gold mining on May 22
and were later released on bail by Ghana police, after AGA reported them, the
China National Radio reported.

Ghana produced over 3 million ounces of gold in 2010, the Minerals Commission
of Ghana said. The reserve of gold has reportedly attracted more than 1 million
illegal gold miners to Ghana.”Ghana has seen an increase in illegal Chinese
gold miners since 2006,” Guo said. Currently there are between 400 and 500
illegal Chinese miners in southern Ghana, news portal ghanamma.com reported.
Most of the illegal Chinese miners were not employed by any company, but were
mining for their own profit and paid rent and part of their earnings to the
local tribal chiefs or landlords, Guo said. “Although most of the land is
owned by these chiefs, the minerals are owned by the country. The chiefs don’t
have the rights to mine.” However, many villagers who believe their rights are
not being protected are vehemently opposed to illegal mining by foreigners.
A group of Chinese gold miners opened fire to disperse local villagers near
Asante Bekwai on July 19, Guo said. There were no casualties but nine Chinese
were summoned to assist police investigations, reports said.

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