Flaunting wealth (and more) a trend for China’s young women

From Want China Times…
Flaunting wealth has become a trend on China’s microblogging sites, despite
the risk of public opprobrium this may bring from other internet users.
Newer followers of the trend are considered the heirs to Guo Meimei — the
young woman who found herself caught up in a scandal last year after she
posted photos of herself living a luxurious lifestyle while claiming to
work for a charity.

New posters include Sister Wet Dream, who posts nude photos, and Zhang Yi,
who is the daughter-in-law of an food and drug administration chief.
Many feel the trend highlights the degradation in values of China’s younger
generation, according to Want Daily, our sister Chinese-language paper.

Zhang Yi, who is the daughter-in-law of Zhejiang FDA head Zhang Wenqing,
became an overnight sensation after showing off her wealth on a microblog.
She also posted, “My husband is a civil servant, yet he’s never been to
the office,” a statement which caused an uproar. One internet user said,
“This is not only the era of discrediting fathers, but also husbands.”

Zhang uploaded dozens of photos to show off her wealth on her personal
microblog, Xiao Y__Y. Her trophies include a wide range of designer bags,
watches, shoes and perfumes. She showed off one bag brought from Paris
worth 15,000 yuan (US$2,382) as well as a Versace diamond-studded men’s

In response to the notoriety of his daughter-in-law, Zhang Wenqing said
that Zhang Yi is from a wealthy family. She is the only daughter in the
family and he said her parents spoil her and give her everything she wants.
He added that his son is not a civil servant but a general staff member at
Sanmen county’s industry park. Zhang Wenqing said Zhang Yi’s lifestyle is
supported by her own parents, and his salary could not fuel such spending,
nor could his son’s.

Another blogger named Zhang Mengyi Without v not only posted a pictured
of a bed covered with renminbi but also boasted about being the world’s
second-greatest invisible rich person. She claimed she is the granddaughter
of a senior official and that she has a godfather serving as senior officer
in the military. She posted photos of a BMW and a Porsche with military
plates. In addition, Zhang Mengyi Without v has posted a series of nude
photos of herself, causing many netizens to call her “brain-damaged.”
Her name’s pronunciation — Mengyi — is a homophone for Wet Dream in Chinese,
therefore she has been dubbed Sister Wet Dream by netizens.

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