China: Gold price decline premeditated. U.S. has started a currency war

China National Gold Group Corporation, General Manager Sun
Zhaoxue has come out and told the world media that the
U.S. is suppressing the gold price. The reason for America’s
manipulation of gold is to ensure U.S. Dollar dominance on
the world stage. America has by default ended up with the
world’s reserve currency and therefore , get the world to work
for them in exchange for an ever increasing supply of printed
greenbacks. He also went on with an excellent analysis on of
America’s war against Europe and the Euro using their investment
banks. Another good insight from Sun Zhaoxue is that while
major players like Warren Buffet and Goldman Sachs talk about
how they hate gold and forecast price declines they have made
large bets on gold and gold companies.

His comments from the Liujiazui economic forum were as follows:

“The hottest topic at the moment is oil and gold. The ground war
we are seeing around the world is I think war for oil whereas gold
is the currency war. Why? We observe that the integrity was the
driver for US Dollar to become world reserve currency. The US Dollar
and gold decoupling from 1971 caused the US Dollar to depreciate
massively. From 1990 onwards, the Eurozone was in consultation to
form a strong Euro to counter the US Dollar, in order to prevent
the latter from stripping Europe of its wealth. The Euro was born
in 1999, supported by its strong economy and 11,000 tons of gold.

With the birth of the Euro a competitor to the US Dollar was
created, and so the US decided to lay a trap for the Eurozone as
part of the currency war. Some countries in the Eurozone violated
the Eurozone’s norms by issuing bonds. Which entities participated
in the issuance? US investment banks. After the debt was issued, it
was US ratings agencies that struck a blow to the Eurozone by saying
that its economies had problems.

Only gold remains on par with the US Dollar to benefit from the
Eurozone and Euros collapse. This is why the US began to suppress gold
by issuing a statement two months ago that the Eurozone will sell its
gold when it is unable to service its debt, then stating three days
later that the news was false. Furthermore Goldman Sachs made a
forecast for the gold price at the beginning of the year but suddenly
changed its course saying the gold price will fall to $1300. Buffet said
that he would not buy gold even if its price fell to 800USD. Our research
indicates that Buffet made a lot of money from four gold companies.
So his statement is inconsistent with his personal action.

Bernanke’s speech followed, saying that monetary easing will end, that
the US economy is improving. This series of examples shows that the
fall of the gold price is premeditated. So I say that this process
is a genuine currency war.

Many people say that gold is just a beautiful thing. Then we have to
ask the US why they store so much gold but instead of selling gold,
they issue debt to other countries to rescue the financial market.

The US owes Germany so much gold but instead of repaying immediately,
sets a 2020 deadline to return the gold. From this example and process
as well as some typical factors, this is a downright currency war to
maintain US Dollar hegemony by defeating all other currencies.

I shall stop here.



  1. David Evans says:

    Smoke and mirrors as the people of the United States of America and the world sleep, whether through apathy or ignorance, which to a great extent are one in the same. Manipulation in the Gold and Silver market is obvious and there is more than one actor to make this happen; the Greed Regime. The people of the world have allowed politicians (parasite)and their regime budies to grow fat while the host people are being sucked dry………it is slavery of the sleeping class. There will be a reset as the pendulum has started its oposite swing. He who has the Gold makes the Rules, a statement as true today as any time in history. Pure Gold and Silver is the one true money that cannot be printed resulting in dilution of value.

  2. Nana10 says:

    The price of gold is set by five banks in London, and not in the free market. The price of gold has been deliberately, and drastically reduced by the London bankers, in order to encourage the sale of gold by as many individuals as possible, because during the gold boom each ounce of physical gold in storage was sold to thousands of different buyers.

    The London gold “fixers” are very concerned that should the buyers decide that they wish to take possession of “their” gold in storage, the entire phony system would immediately collapse, and the price of gold would drop like a lead balloon.

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  4. relko renato says:

    It seems that the power (which is represented by the dollar) that the US once had (thanks to WWII), is starting to fade away now, and is in desperate need of rebuilding/restructuring/rethinking. Instead of wasting time with gold and silver, which I personally think is a rather bad way to represent true power and growth as these objects really don’t hold any real wealth. Look at it this way, as seen in the past many times over, that material items can easily be taken away, such as a bully taking your lunch money at school. What the US needs more than ever is to focus on new technologies that can become global game changers, instead of the predicable false security of gold and silver. It’s sad to say that besides the “subsidized” way of life given to us by the use of oil, that oil is indeed more valuable than gold or silver, people need oil and use it everyday, imagine if it all disappeared overnight, are you going to use your gold and silver to move around? This is what the US should focus their ‘energy’ on (pardon the pun), are new safe forms of energy that would be a no-brainer choice to common folk, and make the demand for oil (which is essentially our dependence to other countries) become less severe. Now that bully doesn’t really have the power or desire to want to take your possessions. The moral of the story is that the longer mankind has this medevil mentality of “King of the Castle” and the “haves” and “not-haves”, we can never evolve to superior beings that value knowledge and resolve their problems as a collective through common communication and understanding.

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