“American Collapse Theory” Gaining Ground in China

Dan Collins

When I moved to China back in 1998 I was surprised
to learn how highly the Chinese thought of America.
Of course China was a much poorer place back then
but coming from the Detroit area I couldn’t fathom
where was all of this American prosperity was that
the Chinese were talking about. I had grown up among
industrial decline and all the social ill’s it brought
with it.

It became apparent that China, like most of the
world had developed their concepts of America based
on Hollywood movies. This image of a much more
prosperous America is starting to be shattered as
Chinese as well as the rest of the world learn the
true state of the American economic condition.
The streets are no longer paved with gold…they
are not even paved.

Below is a brief synopsis of an article making the
rounds in China, titled….

“American Collapse Theory”

The last three decades has seen continued decline
in the American economic system. It’s inevitable
collapse is now just a matter of time, and there is
nothing even well-meaning politicians could do to
stop it or even reverse the trends in motion.

For a long time, the world’s economic system has
functioned under Dollar hegemony which was backed
by American military hegemony.

The American founding in the 1700’s originally had
a backward economic model with agricultural exports
coming from the south and mines and commodity exports
coming from the North. The country had to import
scientifically manufactured products. For a time,
American workshops were known for low quality,
sweatshop work. These products were exported and
exchanged for British paper money.

This was truly a poor economy but cheap American labor
began to attract global capital.The United States over
many years engaged in the processing of low-end products ,
and accumulated a very large industrial base entity which
created a solid foundation that led to innovation and
cutting-edge technology which began to erupt in the
United States.

By World War 1, Britain was shocked to realize America
had far surpassed her former colonial master. By World
War 2, America produced 60% of the world’s capacity in
military hardware. Britain quietly lost control of the
world as the paper money could no longer cover up her
declining industrial base and core economy.

Since 1979 the United States failed to prevent the
Chinese industrialization reform movement and China ‘s
rise is almost complete. At the same time, the American’s
turned their economy over to the financial sector. The
problems since 2008 are only the tip of the iceberg.

Chinese technology is now eclipsing the U.S. Recently
disclosed reports mentioned that back in 2005 NASA could
not find a vibration testing table over 9 tons and had
to import a 16 ton vibration testing table from a Chinese

It became quite comical when the U.S. Defensed Department
learned of the situation then had a law passed to ban export
to China of vibration table technology over 9 tons when in
reality the U.S was totally reliant on this technology from
China. China has since developed 50 and 75 ton platforms which
are two generations ahead of anything in the U.S. China is
also now winning the space race launching twice as many space
missions in 2013 on only 1/17 the budget of NASA.

Today, China ‘s fourth -and fifth-generation fighter and even
integrated hypersonic aerospace fighters have surfaced,showing
the strength China has gained from her amazing manufacturing
industry. In China ‘s J- 20 and J- 31 fighter jets have been
launched. The aerial maneuverability of the Chinese J-20 and
J-35 are now ahead of the U.S. F-20 and F-35. With the “plane
diving” capability of the J-20 and J-31 against the U.S. F-35
it is like putting a hawk among pigeons.

As American economy crumbles, its military and dollar hegemony
are falling with it. China has signed currency agreements with
over 20 countries. Even Europe and Australia have jumped in to
use RMB with the Americans powerless to stop it.



  1. Keith says:

    Dan, I’m still waiting for the financial reforms, particularly on public equities. Stocks must be allowed to be shorted and individual foreign ownership should be allowed. China is more than capable to handle the influx and outflows of hot money now and should embrace these reforms, albeit at a gradual pace but with quick progress.

    Rule of law and financial regulations must be improved. China is the world’s biggest and fastest growing economy overall volume wise. Stocks trading at a forward P/E ratio of 7x will not stay suppressed for long. Given how well the economy has been managed by the leaders in China, I’m quite certain they realize that a robust and large stock exchange comparatively to the U.S. must be established in order to be at or surpass the level of the U.S.

  2. Keith this article is about how China grew up in the same manner of US grew up.

    are you asking for China to act as the same kind of an adult as US has and are you asking for the same results of boom bust policies as the US.?

  3. Greg Burton says:

    China has gotten into position that it is in because it was deliberately helped to achieve this position by the globalists, the Federal Reserve/City of London bankers who destroyed the US middle-class by out-sourcing jobs and manufacturing to China, the toxic mortgage/LIBOR scams and the bailout, which only benefited the bankers (not Main Street) and the Chinese; and the so-called war on terror, waged via deficit spending supported by Chinese purchases of US debt.

    Thus, it can be argued that China was always the presumptive winner of the economic war between the US and China. The Hegelian Dialectic, Strategy of tension, that elevated China’s economy vis a vis the imploding US standard of living is deliberate policy of the Satanic globalist elite.

    Some thoughts for your consideration:

    Since the 9/11 (inside job) America’s (CFR’s) foreign policy (AFRICOM) has been about disrupting and supplanting Chinese advances in trade through out Africa and the world.

    However, at the same time, the banking cartel (The Fed/City of London) sells billions of Treasury bills to China resulting in a huge unsustainable budget deficit, a result of the US military fighting to hold off Chinese advances.

    Meanwhile, US-based and other global transnational corporations are out-sourcing US jobs and manufacturing to China that, along with the banking/LIBOR fraud, and corporate bail-outs, have resulted in a US economic depression and cuts to the social safety net, destroying the American middle-class. The massive holding of US Treasury’s give China de facto control over US monetary policy, inflation, jobs, foreign debt, and even the US standard of living.

    Further, the US military is being slowly reduced, if not destroyed, in the central Asian “graveyard of empires”, and US veterans are being treated like garbage. while replacement parts used in the US military machines are being counterfeited in China. To make matters worse, in the wake of the contrived economic debacle, America is selling off its infrastructure, properties to China?

    Meanwhile, Japan, at the behest of the US, even though it is being devastated by Fukushima, is contesting China and North Korea, and could lead to a nuclear confrontation.

    So, after over 12 years of the eternal war-on-terror™, the 9/11 pretext to invade Afghanistan, to steal its resources and re-energize the drug trade, China is now being allowed to extract oil in Afghanistan and Iraq; and is poised to take away the supposed prize of central Asia?

    Finally, because of the deliberate financial policies of the Federal Reserve, increasing the money supply to the point where it creates hyperinflation, the War on Terror® subsidized by China buying Treasury bills, the dollar is being destroyed and the Yuan is becoming the de facto reserve currency of the world.

    Can someone tell me that this does not add up to a plan to destroy America? Destroy its economy and democratic institutions, and subordinate our country to a globalist totalitarian NWO? That the so-called “war on terror”, really the war against the growing global presence of China was never meant to be won, as was designed as a holding action to weaken America, destroy its democratic institutions, its economy, its people, to get it ready to subordinate it to a NWO run by the banking/drug cartel run by the City of London and its “gollum”, Israel?

  4. Anonymous says:

    […] Even Europe and Australia have jumped in to use RMB with the Americans powerless to stop it. http://www.thechinamoneyreport.com/2…ound-in-china/ Reply With […]

  5. gerald peters says:

    sorry, but no, china is not surpassing america. american rovers on the moon or mars last far beyond what is expected, unlike a jade rabbit, which crashed early.
    this last decade, china finally switched from steam to diesels on their railroads. america did this in the 1950’s. america is still the breadbasket to the world. i would not trust food products that come from china.
    and the ultimate source of economic strength is economic and political liberty. china will remain far behind on this issue for years to come. this is the most important lesson from history.

    • Jon says:


      The Chinese have the largest high speed rail net work in the world. I have been to China many times and can say there is more freedom there than the west. The Chinese ability to spy and control their people is backward. I live in Oz and I feel a lot more threatened by our government than I would living in China or Asia for that matter. You need to leave the US and see what the rest of the world is like. Your statement is a typical of an uniformed Patriot USA USA USA

      • gerald peters says:

        how much public money (taxpayer subsidies) does it take to get that high speed rail?
        american freight rail systems are still at the top in the world, and with the least amout of public handouts.

    • Mark B says:


      The past is gone. What we as Americans achieved is only of value if we continue to build upon it. you note that we switched to diesel railroads in the 1950s’ The Chinese have recently switched to electric high speed trains that now criss-cross their country.

      The ultimate source of economic strength is economic liberty but not necessarily political liberty. The Chinese economy has grown by leaps and bounds without the common man having the right to vote. On the flip side, the government puts far fewer constraints on businesses here. In other words, the “economic liberty” of the average Chinese businessman is greater than his American counterpart.

  6. David says:

    Very insightful article. Another thing.

    Those Chinese millionaires and billionaires who believe that their safe havens are located in Vancouver, Perth, San Francisco, etc. have a big surprise coming. Just revisit history and ask what happened to the properties and possessions of the Japanese and Germans in the U.S. and England during WWII.

    History is about rhythm once again. In a big way.

  7. Jerome says:

    Chinese ‘fighter jets’ are still early aerodynamic prototypes.
    The engines are produced abroad.

  8. Dave says:

    You can bet that the parasitic Israeli’s/Jews will attempt to hijack the Chinese once they are the dominant economic nation.
    But they won’t be able to since the Chinese know better than to allow this tribe to run their lawmaking, banking & media as the US had so foolishly allowed them to.

  9. vehicle version

    “American Collapse Theory” Gaining Ground in China |

  10. nhhentai says:

    Doomsday warnings of US apocalypse gain ground Economists peddling dire warnings that the world’s number one economy is on the brink of collapse, amid high rates of unemployment and a spiraling public deficit, are flourishing here.

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