France relents to China, Chinese police to help patrol Paris streets

Scared of losing the Chinese tourist dollar,
France has relented to China and will allow Chinese police
on the streets of Paris. More signs of the benefits of third-world
immigration into the West to the point where cultural breakdown
has occurred and law and order is becoming impossible. The West
is no longer safe for tourists. I’m not sure weather France should
be more embarrassed of their country because of the crime rates,
the tax rates, or now Chinese police patrolling their streets.
With any luck, France will turn its economic policy over to China
and they may start to get some of their youth employed.

AFP News
Paris (AFP) – Chinese police will help patrol tourist destinations
in Paris this summer after a rise in muggings and attacks on
Chinese tourists, a source in France’s interior ministry said
Tuesday. More than one million Chinese visitors come to France
every year and there have been concerns over a number of muggings
and attacks against them. In March last year, a group of 23 Chinese
visitors were robbed in a restaurant shortly after they landed at
Paris’s Charles De Gaulle airport. The ministry source said the
Chinese police would help their French counterparts in Paris tourist
spots but declined to give numbers.

The number of Chinese visitors to France is expected to be given a
boost this year because of events linked to the 50th anniversary of
the establishment of diplomatic ties between Paris and Beijing.



  1. spanky says:

    Absolutely pathetic. France is an utter joke.

  2. David Chu says:


    That is freakingly funny! France, since being Sarkozy’ed and turned into a Zionist State of France, has lost its mojo and nationalism. Chinese police in Paris?!? Where is de Gaulle when a Frenchman or Frenchwomen needs help? Freedom fries, anyone?

    Come to Argentina!

  3. John says:

    This may actually be a good thing. Chinese tourists will feel safer with Chinese authorities near them. They will also be able to speak Mandarin to the police, something the French can’t do. This may actually increase tourism from China!

  4. norman says:

    now with this… its kinda embarassing for a country, i think its really now true that France is a country where the word Surrender comes from. -_-

  5. AirborneED says:

    Can’t wait too see them in Manhattan.

  6. MCA says:

    So why are the French police such a joke, and why can’t they police their own country?

  7. dhjgfhjdfkjlgjhfgift says:

    France is now a muslim chinnesse colony full of criminals. I just love multiculturalism.

  8. John McCann says:

    This makes sense. Thailand uses “tourist police” who are not Thai to assist in interactions with foreign tourists. It’s a very smart thing to do. Good common sense shown by both governments.

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