Chinese 2015 GDP revised up to US$9.9t

THE National Bureau of Statistics yesterday revised the size of China’s economy in 2015 to 68.91 trillion yuan (US$9.9 trillion), up 354.6 billion yuan from its preliminary figure.

Economic growth for 2015 stayed at 6.9 percent, according to a bureau’s statement on its website.

The value of the primary industry was revised down to 6.09 trillion yuan in 2015, with the growth rate remaining at 3.9 percent.

The value of the secondary industry was revised up to 28.2 trillion yuan, a rise of 148 billion yuan on the preliminary figure, with annual growth revised up to 6.2 percent from 6.1 percent.

The value of the tertiary sector was revised up to 34.62 trillion yuan, with growth reaching 8.2 percent.

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