Fatty Kim Commits Fratricide with Blow Darts

North Korean leader Kim Jong-un’s brother has been assassinated in Malaysia, South Korean media reports.

Kim Jong-nam was killed at Kuala Lumpur airport after being attacked by two women with “poisoned needles,” according to local TV reports.

The two women, believed to be North Korean agents, escaped in a taxi and remain at large, TV Chosun reported.

His death was confirmed by Malaysian police.
Police official Fadzil Ahmat told Reuters the cause of Mr Kim’s death has not yet been confirmed, but said a post mortem would be carried out on the body.

“So far there are no suspects, but we have started investigations and are looking at a few possibilities to get leads,” Mr Fadzil said.

He said Mr Kim “felt like someone grabbed or held his face from behind.” He added: “He felt dizzy, so he asked for help” at an information centre.

Mr Kim was then taken to an airport clinic and then died in the ambulance on the way to hospital.

An employee in the emergency ward of Putrajaya hospital told the agency a deceased Korean there was born in 1970 and surnamed Kim.

Mr Kim was born from his father’s non-marital relationship with Sung Hae-rim, a South Korean-born actress who died in Moscow.

While he was widely seen as the hermit kingdom’s heir apparent, he fell out of favour after being detained while trying to enter Japan on a forged passport.

He told authorities he wanted to visit Disneyland with his family.

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