American women offers citizenship for cash on Shanghai marriage market

An American woman has invited bids for her hand and home country at the Shanghai marriage market, touting her US citizenship as her major selling point.

Photographs of the woman at the Shanghai market were posted on Sina Weibo by users last Saturday, and were shared by many.
The woman in the picture, dressed in a form-fitting wedding gown, held up a sign written in Chinese and English that offered “USA Citizenship through marriage to the highest bidder.” She also held her US passport in her other hand to confirm her offer.

The Shanghai marriage market is a matchmaking event held at the People’s Park in Shanghai for several hours every Saturday and Sunday, where hundreds of parents gather to search for suitable spouses for their children.The parents pin information on their sons’ and daughters’ ages, height, weight, occupations and education levels on umbrellas, which they leave open for other parents to view.

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