U.S. Diplomat Bought by Chinese Security Service for the Price of an iPhone and Fashion School Tuition for her Boy Toy.

Pay attention ladies and gentleman. This is the quality of government official
that is being produced in Washington D.C.

The Department of Justice said Candace Marie Claiborne, 60, knew that the two
Chinese men she had regular contact with while working for the US State Department
in China and other countries were from the Chinese security services and that the
money they gave her was in exchange for US secrets.

She took cash and an iPhone for herself, but most of the funds went to an
unidentified man half her age with whom she lived in Beijing and Shanghai.

The Chinese agents paid for his fashion school tuition, apartment rental, a sewing
machine, vacations, and other needs as requested by Claiborne, according to a
complaint unveiled in the US federal district court in Washington, DC. Claiborne,
who has worked for the State Department since 1999 and had significant financial
problems, was arrested on Tuesday and pleaded not guilty in her first court
appearance on Wednesday, according to the Justice Department.

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