Is the U.S. destined for war with everyone?

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There is an article today in the Financial Times written by Gideon Rachman
that asks the question, “Are China and the U.S. destined for War?”

We would re-phrase the question, “Is the U.S destined for war with everyone”?

The United States, an economy that can no longer produce washing machines,
computers, televisions, steel, or automotive components currently operates
more than 700 Military bases worldwide according to the NATO watch committee.
The U.S. has military personal in 156 countries and bases in 63 foreign countries.
The countries military budget places the country on a permanent war footing
during a time that the countries debt has doubled in that last decade and is
riding an exponential curve higher.

What has the U.S. done with there extensive Military power? Have they stopped
the drug cartels or human smugglers from Mexico? Have they dealt with the Mexican
government and its state-run policy to resettle their poor population into
American territory? How about Mexico using NAFTA as a one-stop shop to allow
every other country in the world duty-free access to the U.S. market? Have they
dealt wth North Korea or blocked China from building military bases in the
South China Sea? No..for the most part the U.S. military has been tasked with
acting as the Airforce for Al-Qaeda in Libya and ISIS in Syria.

They supposedly ended the war in Iraq, yet did you see the military budget step
down from a premanent war footing?

Recent military projects such as the F-35 show an increasingly bloated,
incompetent defense industrial complex. It’s not surprising, as the U.S.
industrial base has collapsed there are few Americans who now know how to
cast or forge steel yet alone build electronics. This type of knowledge decay
as seeped into all facets of the American economy. Once a showdown occurs,
I’m not sure software putting cat’s ears on peoples selfies will continue to
gain $15 billion dollar valuations or be able to build out the next generation
of submarines.

Now that a Deep-State conspiracy against Trump as turned the the Russians into
the countries greatest threats in the minds of Americans, one must ask themselves
who will ally with the United States in a coming showdown with China? Do the media
ask any of the important questions such as the United States intelligence
communities preparing and executing the Ukrainian and Syrian civil wars?
How about the break-up of Yugoslavia which was also orchestrated by the American
intelligence communities.That was one of the first cooperations between the House
of Saudi, radical Islamists,and the CIA. A second act so to speak after the Afghan
insurgency against the Soviet Union.

Do you think the intelligence agencies will stop overthrowing only foreign
governments? Donald Trump is the first President since Kennedy who was not an
intelligence asset. It is now the American democracy itself that is in the
cross-hairs of the Government-Industrial complex. Russians have been the enemy
for a generation of Washington D.C. bureaucrats. They refuse to loose the Iron-
rice bowl of funding that occurs with creating the Rus boogieman. While they
create the fiction of scary Russians an chase shepards with AK47’s across Central
Asia their own country has been de-industralized and socially broken down with
with mass epidemics of autism and opioid use.

Will the U.S. and China bump heads in the future? Most likely. China is the only
real threat against the United States. Their companies are eating the lunch of
what was once considering the domain of Americans. From Africa to Asia to East
Europe and the Mideast the world now looks to China to re-industralise their
countries and build up their economy capacity. A military showdown with China
is the last domino to fall. The Americans will be embarrassed badly and it will
be the end of a American unipolar world.

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