Corrupt Tycoon Goes Rogue and Threatens to Drop a “Nuclear Bomb of Corruption Allegations” on Top Communist Party Officials


Never a dull day in the Chinese fight against corruption. Property developer
and multi-billionare tycoon Guo Wengui has gone into hiding overseas and has
now been put on Interpol’s red notice. Mainland officials have launched an
unusually savvy media and cyberspace campaign at home and abroad to discredit
the tycoon. It’s another case of a corrupt tycoon losing his “umbrella” or
protection and then going down the drain with the disgraced official. What
makes this case special is the extremely sensitive nature that Guo may posses
as in his case his protection was former deputy spy chief Ma Jian who has now
been taken down for corruption.

Guo is expected to be hiding in the U.S. and one would assume most likely
now under the protection of American intelligence services.

Mainland media earlier reported that Guo allegedly plotted the fall of former
Beijing vice-mayor Liu Zhihua after Liu refused to help him recover the
development rights to the Pangu Plaza project next to the “Bird’s Nest”
National Stadium in Beijing. The reports also said that Ma or his aide had a
role in a 2006 sex-tape scandal that brought down Liu.

Guo, who has also shown himself to be adept at using overseas media to make
strong allegations of corruption against many high-ranking Chinese officials,
was scheduled to give a three-hour interview with the US-government funded
public broadcaster Voice of America (VOA) on Wednesday night.

He claimed beforehand that he would “drop a nuclear bomb of corruption allegations”
against the families of top communist officials.

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