Keiser Report – Show1062-Chinese Fintech

Max interviews Dan Collins of about China’s tech sector coming up with all the innovations while drawing in all the investment. While Silicon Valley wastes capital on complex juicers, China attracts 50% of global fintech investment and its digital payments market is 50 times larger than America’s.

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  1. Alfonso Maraschin says:

    A pleasure find your thoughts. (Signpost by Max Keiser, Stacy Herbert & RT)

    I have just one ryder to 7k Au in that I firmly believe irrespective of future Au price point reached & for that matter Ag in context, they will not be “expensive”. The relative disparity in value would be reflected.
    While not glamorous, I believe it to be important in the extreme.
    What would this imply?
    How else would our children even begin to understand?

    Thank you for your forum.

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