You Don’t just Kill an American-Expect Retaliation over Death of American Student

China appears to have failed at containing the missile launches from the
Hermetic, despotic Gulag-state known as North Korea. “Fatty Kim” as he is
known in China has most likely crossed the line with sending back an American
student who was jailed and beaten for a year for trying to steal a poster.
That student died of his injuries.

If we know anything about Trump is that he is a man of action. North Korea
can no longer be coddled. Trump today sent out a tweet that carries an
ominous warning.

Fatty Kim’s regime will fall. The only question is will China preempt a
U.S. strike with an invasion or will the U.S. send a Tomahawk into one of
Kim’s pleasure gardens. This is probably what he wants, he needs a war to
keep power. Expect Trump to give him one.

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