World Sleep Walks into Disaster as world’s second largest country just occupied the world’s largest.


As the American media dedicates 90% of its media time in open sedition
again their Democratically elected leader, the world is sleep walking
into catastrophe. The world’s second largest country, India with
1.3 Billion people just occupied a country,China, with 1.4 Billion.
2.7 billion people are now locked in a military stand-off over a small
swath of useless land.

( As we speak, the threats grow more vitriolic. Troops are getting put into

The Chinese government has shown huge restraint thus far.It is now known as
the Doklam transgression. India has occupied the disputed territory. China
is ready to send its own troops in to displace them as they did in 1962.

India’s position is that Doklam is territory in dispute between China and
Bhutan, and it has been invited there by Bhutan, its protectorate state.

Furthermore, it claims China’s road construction in Doklam poses a strategic
threat to the “chicken’s neck,” referring to the 27-kilometer-wide Siliguri
Corridor to the south of Doklam that connects the northeastern part of India
with the rest of the country.

This road in Doklam has been there for at least a decade under firm Chinese

China is now threatening that India is harboring terrorists by supporting the
Dalai Lama. They have publicly claimed the Dalai Lama after fleeing to India
in 1959 became a CIA henchman supporting and organizing terrorist bombings
through the Tibetan Youth Congress, the armed wing of the Dalai Lama’s regime
in exile.

China is now threatening to give a second lesson to India. Let’s hope the
shooting does not start and the situation does not escalate. The U.S. has no
media left to even cover the situation and put public pressure on both Nuclear
powers to remain calm.

The world could be sleepwalking into disaster.

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