Mongolia Elects New Prime Minister nicknamed “The Fist”

Ukhnaagiin Khurelsukh has been elected PM of Mongolia. He was selected by
the ruling Mongolia People’s Party (MPP), which took power in a landslide
election victory a little over a year ago.

In a speech following his victory, Khurelsukh pledged to “improve people’s
lives, declare discipline and rules, fight corruption and punish those who
are irresponsible”.

“My cabinet… will declare justice again,” he said, adding, “don’t come to
me with illegal acts as well as my cabinet members and don’t pressure us to
act illegally.”Ex-premier Jargaltulgiin Erdenebat was ousted in early September
by legislators who accused him of granting 800 billion tugrik (US$328 million)
in concessions to eight companies related to his cabinet ministers.

Khurelsukh, 49, started his career in the army but joined parliament as a member
of the MPP in 2000. As well as his collection of photos inspired by Russian
president Vladimir Putin, last month he earned the nickname “Fist” after a
2012 video of him punching a fellow parliamentarian went viral.

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