China Moves on Eastern Europe as they organize the world around themselves

Is your country a BRIC? Perhaps a member of SCO? If not, perhaps your
country is on the One-Belt One Road. If your in Eastern Europe you are
probably in the 16+ 1. What’s that you say? It is the new geopolitical
framework designed to develop closer relationships between the Middle
Kingdom and 16 nations in Central Europe.

With the U.S., EU, and Russia no longer providing a road-map on economic
or political development the countries of Central Europe are looking at
a new super power to kickstart their economies.

Through the 16+1 China is capable to provide financing and construction
expertise on infrastructure as well as expanded two-way trade between the
regions. And in exchange the Central European countries are not even
required to absorb new populations of radical Islamists as Berlin would
have them do.

Cai Hongjian,director of the Department for European Studies of China
Institute of International Studies said “China-EU and China-CEEC cooperation
should not be demonized, because the China-EU relationship is not a zero-sum
game, and if Western scholars really care about CEEC nations, they should
learn about local people’s feelings and requests.”

Currently, the EU and the US can no longer provide help to boost CEEC
economies, said Wang Yiwei, director of the Institute of International
Affairs at the Renmin University of China.

“The US is becoming less interested in participating in European issues,
and those leading countries in the EU, in many cases, can’t even solve their
own problems. The economic situation of some Balkan countries cannot meet
the EU’s standard for member states, so they can’t join the EU. This is why
the CEEC is seeking opportunities from China,” Wang said.

China-CEEC cooperation, including the Stanari Thermal Power Plant in Bosnia
and Herzegovina, the Belgrade Danube Bridge in Serbia, and Wrocław’s flood
control facility in Poland, are just the beginning of new projects for
the 16+1.

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