About the China Money Report

The China Money Report is an alternative publication focused
on what is actually going on in China. China’s GDP is up from
$357 billion in 1990 to $7.2 trillion in 2012 and the IMF predicts
China’s GDP will pass the U.S. as early as 2016.

We blog the rise of the next superpower on a daily basis. At the
same time we compare and contrast its situation with our own personal
declining superpower, the United States, in the hopes that the mirror
of China provides insights on what our own country is doing wrong.

Dan Collins/Founder & Editor The China Money Report
The China Money Report was founded by Dan Collins. He is also founder of
Tiger Hill Capital, a Hong Kong based asset management company and corporate
advisory company.

Dan Collins has lived in China for 15 years. He has 15 years experience
as a private investor in Mainland China. He reads Mandarin Chinese
fluently and has a background in engineering and manufacturing with
multinational companies in China. He currently advises some of the
world’s largest hedge funds on China related companies.

Dan Collins is also a contributing author to publications such as Financial
Sense, The China Business Herald and others.  He is also a frequent
guest on financial television programs such as The Kesier Report,
The Kerry Lutz show, Wall Street for Main Street, and the Schiff Report.



  1. francis liew says:

    I find your reporting superb and objective. Keep up the good works

  2. This is a fascinating look into the Chinese economy. I plan to check in periodically for insight.

  3. I like the truth of china you write about.

  4. Steven says:

    Blatent propaganda at its finest

  5. Lea Pustetto says:

    I watched your latest keiser show. Very good to hear an insiders side of the china story. Very interesting comments about ghost cities. We in australia are copping the housing bubble? . Due to chinese investment and sm super funds. People are talking about bubbles but im not sure now. What do you think. Is there a correction coming. Cheers

    • D.Collins says:

      Thanks Lea-
      If your asking about housing bubbles in OZ I couldn’t tell you. Chinese money should be expected to keep coming in and even increase for property down there as the currency becomes convertible. But as you know, mining demand from China has slowed and will just remain flat for ten years at least.

  6. Nicholas Hellstrom says:

    Hello Mr Collins, do you have more updates about the so called Ghost cities in China?

    • Dan Collins says:

      Most are filling up slowly, but there are some cities that will take decades to fill up. New construction has contracted significantly over the last 4 -5 years that is why commodities have dropped so significantly.

  7. Dear sir, thanks for ur nice co-operation,

  8. Jose Navas says:

    Currently the Chinese Yuan Can’t compete with the world currency’s. At .15 cents compared to the American dollar at .94 cents. And the Euro, who kidding who currently.

  9. dave says:

    Great news siTe. I found you after listening to you on coast to coast am With george noorY

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