CMR in the Media

Dan Collins 06APRIL2012 appearance on
the Max Kesier Show

Dan Collins 03FEB2012 appearance on
the Max Kesier Show








Dan Collins Interviewed on “ON THE EDGE” with Max Keiser.


Dan Collins Interview on “Wall Street for Main Street” 10DEC2011


Dan Collins Interviewed on Russia Today for the Keiser Report.


Dan Collins on Russia today on the Kesier Report











Listen to China Money Report Founder discuss the “Rise of the RMB” on the Peter Schiff Show 7.26.11

Link: dcollins on shiff show 0726111





  1. Frank Mullins says:

    Lose weight! We want you around a long time. The Fall of America I knew about 40 years ago.

  2. Navin Chandaria says:

    Most impressed with your reportsand documuntaries. Most powerful. Shows how we have been blind folded by our politicians and medias.

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