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  1. ned naylor says:

    hi there, enjoyed seeing you on the edge Dan, keen to chat to you about PAGE if you are free – maybe by Skype…?

  2. DAVID C HEBNER says:


  3. Rob Nowlin says:


    I have taken the opportunity to invest directly in the Chinese RMB because I believe it is undervalued when compared to the Euro, USD, and Yen. If you feel so inclined, I would like your thoughts about the RMB vs. precious metals. Thanks.

    • D.Collins says:

      Hey Rob,
      I believe the RMB is a one-way bet, only going up. But as a pure currency play the gains may be real slow as China likes to control the pace of appreciation. 2012 may be a good year as China is stuck between inflation and continuing to repress their economy with high interest rates. A higher currency is a way out for them, but based on past experience they like to let it appreciate very slowly.

      • Rob Nowlin says:


        One more question, how is the tension between an undervalued RMB and the staggering amounts of Chinese currency introduced into their economy reconciled?

        • D.Collins says:

          Hey Rob-The hot money in China has been flowing for years. Mostly it has gone into property and inflation. Chinese food prices have doubled in the last 5 years and that is with the government putting price controls on the basic staples like rice. If you look at green vegetables the prices are up 10x. Inflation is a very destructive force in the economy, it gets to the point where it no longer makes sense to do business when you cannot raise your prices fast enough to keep up with the inputs. I think we almost saw that in the last few years here. If China is smart, they will let the RMB go up and stop distorting the economy but governments have been known to do the opposite of the smart thing so we will see. I’m still long RMB.

  4. saw you on max keiser.
    excellent points you make.
    great show; very informative.
    got your site now on my favorites.

    Vienna, WV

  5. D.Collins says:

    Thanks Dave. Appreciate the feedback.

    Dan Collins

  6. Kevin says:

    Saw you on Max Keiser as well, really good and interesting, this website has caught my interest, I’d love to contact you if possible


  7. April Gardner says:

    I specialize in English instruction. Do you know anyone who would like to perfect their English? Let me know. Thanks.

    • D.Collins says:

      About 1.3 billion people over here are looking for English training. HUGE market. English teachers are hired even before they touch down in China.

  8. Lisa Lazarte (Shanelle's mom) says:

    Hi Dan, Does one necessarily have to have an english teaching degree to teach english in China?

    • D.Collins says:

      Hi Liza-
      From my understanding you only need a 4 year degree. Any subject is fine.
      Teaching English jobs are very plentiful about anywhere in China.

  9. Graham says:

    Great work, found you thanks to the Max Keiser interview.

    One gripe… why no RSS feed!?

    C’mon guys, it’d be greatly appreciated!

  10. Rob says:


    I have a radio show in states and would like to invite you to be my guest. Of course, I am glad to provide you more information. Do you have an email address where I can provide you more information?



  11. B. L. Tucker says:

    Looking for an investor too either buy or invest in a water purification company in the U.S.A.You may contact me At EMAIL

  12. Josh says:

    Great show on Keiser report! I hav a question please.. If China’s savings and currency and economy etc etc are soooo great.. Why on earth is the shanghai composite index at such multi year LOWS?! I’ve been trying to figure this out for almost a year with no real luck.. Please help!

    I’m a economics mathematician.. We talk plenty about how gold is manipulated.. But what’s going on with the SSEC? Thanks!

    • D.Collins says:

      Thanks Josh.

      In China, you can get 5-6% in fixed bank deposits risk free
      so one must ask themselves why put money on the market.
      Home investment has been making 30-40% per year as well
      per the last 10 years and that is where Chinese money has

      The stock market will take off…its coming.

      The U.S. market looks great this year but don’t forget we are just
      getting back to highs ten years ago. Inflation adjusted the
      U.S. performance is much worse. Down 30% over 10 years.

      Zimbabwe has also had a rocking stock market as well. The
      capital markets and real economies are not necessary
      correlated at 1:1: anymore. China has had 3 decades of
      strong growth and economic performance without a strong stock

      Finally, I would say look at the qualitative data behind the U.S.
      stock market. The majority of owners of stocks are now banks and hedge
      funds. HF’s of course get their money from banks via prime brokerage
      …whom in turn get their money from…… the Federal reserve.

      • Josh says:

        It does feel like it’s coming.. But what if the US stock market tanks again.. Would it drag down the SSEC in your opinion?

  13. Josh says:

    Also what makes you think China will announce their Gold reserves next year? Can’t wait!

  14. maria a garcia says:

    I bought samples from a Chinese company to make a big purchase after we review those samples, them they stolid are money, they don’t want to return our money , they don’t want to send the items either . company name Jindalai electronic technology (hk) co. limited, address 1500-1620 g room united centre 95 queen rd hk china business license 1636460,company website., no picture, email I would like to report them as a theft company

  15. Nicholas Hellstrom says:

    Hello Mr Collins. I’m Brazilian and I share my life between Miami and Sao Paulo. I check your website once a while to check how things are going in China. When I’m in the US, I noticed the China Bashing (and other nations that are part of BRIC) on tv and they love to show the empty cities. Can you tell us more about what is really the plan? I think (I do not know) that it’s part of their urbanization plan or something like that. Can I have your opinion based on facts? Thanks

  16. Craig says:

    Dear Mr Collins, Congratulations on the insightful articles and clean webpage design. I wondered if you have a update email /newsletter button. Maybe my eyes deceive me !-) Although I can see from you articles there is an obvious reason to follow you on Twitter !-)
    With kind regards Craig

  17. Kelly Norris says:

    High Mr. Collins – heard you on Coast to Coast and wondered if I can ask you a question. How is it that about 300,000 people a week lose their jobs and apply for unemployment benefits, which is over 1,000,000 a month, and some how it’s good news that 200,000 people find jobs in that same month. It seems that the numbers just don’t add up. We are never going to get back to full employment with those numbers. Best regards KN

    • D.Collins says:

      Hi Kelly- As you know, the U.S. unemployment numbers are a scam. 100m people of working age not working and we somehow have “full employment”.

  18. M. C. Anderson says:

    Enjoyed listening to you last night (4/2-3/15) on Coast to Coast. Lots of information. I was planning on going with a tour group last year to China but decided against it until I heard you say that it is safe over there. Have been to 28 countries including Hong Kong & Japan but would love to see some of the sights of China. Maybe I’ll book a tour after hearing you. I stayed up long enough to listen to you a second time. What an interesting life you live! Thanks

    • D.Collins says:

      Thanks M.C.
      You should check it out. Beijing you can hit the Great Wall as well as get a feel for modern China.

  19. Michael Maze says:

    Dan, I just listened to you on Coast to Coast AM (I had the show downloaded to my phone). Very interesting stuff. I am an eBay seller (and a photographer) here in Las Vegas. I specialize in selling unique used items such as Vegas neon lights, slot machines, unique furniture, etc to the world wide market via eBay. I was intrigued by your statement on the show that the Chinese are interested in American made products and are willing to pay more for them. My question to you is what is the best way to go about marketing the items I get to the Chinese? Keep in mind they are one-offs, unique, used items. I know of Alibaba, but that seems to be more for Americans buying Chinese made good to sell in the US. Is there an eBay-type site for selling used US items in China? I would appreciate any insight into this matter. My attempts to search this on the Internet came up fruitless.

    • D.Collins says:

      You can set up a Taobao store (owned by Alibaba) , I’m not sure if they have english or not. But that would be the best way as your products are unique. The Alibaba portal is for business to business, the Taobao portal goes directly to Chinese consumers.

  20. Brett says:

    Bell-Capital wealth management is a boiler room scam

    I have unfortunately had first hand experience of this fact.

    Bell Capital Ltd.
    New Times Plaza,
    1 Taizi Road,
    Shekou, Shenzhen, 518067, China
    Tel: +86-755-86243891
    Fax: +86-755-86243798

    They are actively stealing and it appears there is no way to report this to and get them arrested for the criminal ongoing activity.

    What can be done?


  21. John Bosnitch says:

    Very interesting material here on your site, Dan. Just watched your interview with Max on RT, also right “on the money”! Looking forward to your next visit… heard from Johnny that you might be coming together… Happy 2016!

    John Bosnitch

  22. Rachel says:

    Chines troops going to Syria

    Can’t find any other news site confirming this. The website USA politics is not operating. Where can I find confirmation of this story?
    Enjoyed your very informative contribution to the Max Keiser show btw.

  23. Roslyn Moore-Allen says:

    Just saw you on the Kaiser Report and I loved your interview. I saw an older post about English teachers and jobs in China related to teaching there. Have you any updates on jobs for American teacher coming to China to teach English?

  24. I recently lived and worked in China as a Foreign Expert. I have to say China is at least 30-50 years behind in infrastructure, technology, energy, and education. I worked with the top students in the country who I help educate to attend top 50 Universities in the US and UK, and cannot back any findings that the country has the highest IQ’d or hardest working people in the world. The students had no critical thinking skills, couldn’t work individually or in a group, were unable to learn basic core subjects in a rapid manner (signs of high IQ), always forgetting everything taught soon after. Not to mention that I couldn’t get any participation in the classroom, constant arrogance by students, and lack of ability to receive new information or content. All of the students and anyone I worked with would constantly cut corners and always forget a vital aspect of a necessary procedure in creating a complete and final outcome. Leaving errors and incomplete outcomes constantly. The students only cared enough to learn the necessary information to pass the exam, and if they didn’t have the vital information would cheat on the exam for those who actually cared about a passing grade.

    Outside of the classroom in dealing with administrating policy’s and procedures it was much of the same. Contracts are unenforceable if at all followed at all. When confronted the Chinese apologize without shame or regret and continue to breach the contract. The Chinese businessman was more concerned with their monetary outcome rather than quality control, customer satisfaction, and or reputation. Businesses like the government are controlled like a dictatorship without any regard for delegation.

    As far as the people, well the vast majority of the people who live in the cities are former villagers who lack urban upbringing. Not to mention lack basic job skills or trade ability, as their parents were farmers before they relocated to the city. Dealing with the average Chinese citizen was like talking to a poorly educated child in the west in English and native Chinese. The average Chinese citizen is illiterate in their own language let alone in any foreign language. All information published in English has to be translated into Chinese, and even then it is about 50-60% accurate because of the high level of illiteracy.

    That being said, how is China a strong economical powerhouse? Because after living, working, and doing business in China I don’t see it. China only seems to be in power so long as U.S. corporations keep funding their government.

  25. Westcoaster says:

    Hi Dan,

    I’ve caught your interviews with Max K a few times and have a personal question. Do you have a brother named Sean and is your family originally from Meriden, CT?
    Reason I ask is a fellow named Sean Collins used to work for my company back in the 90’s.

    • D.Collins says:

      My family goes back to the U.S. East coast from 1639 but don’t have any close family over now that I know of now.

      • Haider says:

        Check with John Perkins, also a great descendent of the original Pilgrims. Read and reflect on his many books including Economic Hitman and Secret History of American Empire.

  26. Haider says:

    Hi Dan

    I have land for sale in Bangladesh. 250 acres with good river and road connections to main port and capital city. Please could you arrange a Chinese investor like Ali Baba to set up full fledged energy independent industrial park?

    Look forward to hearing from you.

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