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The World Continues Preparations for the End of the Global Dollar-Based Ecosystem


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Rising Chinese Redback Could Overtake Debased Greenback


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Rising Chinese Redback Could Overtake Debased Greenback – Part 2


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Rise of the PetroYuan


  1. jim anderson says:

    I have found Mr.Collins to be very informative about chinese finacial issues . I hope that he continues providing information that will be correct and not biased towards anyone country .At this point in time I see that Mr.Colllins has been correct on the issues he is presenting in his news service.I am pleased to see this type of journalistic reporting,on the key issues concerning China Inc. The U.S.A. now needs to learn from the student as they are now our teacher.


    James Anderson

  2. Timothy Janssen says:

    I just had to go here after watching your recent interviews with Max. You really sound like you know what you’re talking about re China. Your website is very intriguing and offers a perspective rarely if ever heard here in Murika.

    • D.Collins says:

      Thanks Tim. Took 20 years of living in China to gain the insight. Murika only talks propaganda on China which is what you would expect nowadays.

  3. Tiger Moto says:

    great analysis..i can say that China investments abroad..i.e. resources for infrastructure development makes good business Pakistan China is investing over $50 billion dollars which will help the country develop and create a huge market of 200 million consumers for Chinese goods
    China has played the capitalist West at its own game and is its economy becomes less reliant on production and more on consumption o countries like Pakistan will benefit especially in supplying farm produce as Chinese firms are in the process of mechanizing and introducing modern farming methods which will increase yield and hopefully take farmers out of poverty to a better future.
    I wish China and the Chinese people good fortune in the future as the country become the world’s dominant economic power

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